Bird Nerd Gallery
Jess Mann with a blue jay, artist, printmaker, Bird Nerd Gallery

Jess Mann is the artist, photographer, naturalist, birdwatcher, and original Bird Nerd behind Bird Nerd Gallery. 

While attending Alfred University Jess concentrated in printmaking, especially steel plate etching. For her thesis, she studied scavengers and decomposers in order to understand the cycle of life.

Jess Mann with a peacock. Bird Nerd Gallery artist

Today, Jess is continuing her ornithological education by studying bird biology in her free time, taking her binoculars everywhere she goes, and painting birds in her home studio.

Jess has been volunteering at Sweetbriar Nature Center since 2017 and loves getting to work closely with birds, mammals, and reptiles. 

Jess Mann, artist, printmaker, Bird Nerd Gallery

News clipping: Jess receiving Best in Show at the Huntington Arts Council juried printmaking exhibition, 2015.